Dredging A Dark Decade

What would possess a woman to send her twelve year old daughter off to the fair with a twenty-five year old drug addict?

Did she notice her daughter stumble from the young man’s car and across the front lawn at the end of the day?  Her one-year-older sister did.

All these years later questions surface:  Had she been drugged?  Raped?   My stomach turns, my blood boils, my mind holds back a dam of tears.

What would posses a woman to allow her sixteen year old daughter to date a thirty-two year old man?  A thirty-two year old MARRIED man?

Did she feel any parental guilt when her daughter underwent painful treatments to have the genital warts burned off with acid and lasers?  Did she even know?

All these years later the gift keeps on giving.

What would possess a woman – a teacher – to take her middle school daughters to a friend’s cottage for the weekend and, at the psychology-teacher-friend’s suggestion – get them drunk?  Introduce them to alcohol in a “safe” environment?  Introduce them to alcohol when alcohol was not yet even on their radar?

Did she make the connection between that weekend and the many nights her teen daughter stumbled through the front door and up the stairs to bed drunk?

All these years later still battling the binge.

This is why I hate the Seventies.

Did you see The Ice Storm?  Did it make your stomach turn, your blood boil and leave you holding back a dam of tears?

In response to slash and burn.

Say What You Will

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