Garlic & Spice & Everything Nice


I have 75 heads of garlic growing in my garden.  I have a jar of pickled garlic – from last year’s harvest – in my refrigerator – just enough left to last me until this year’s harvest.  Garlic is definitely a necessary ingredient.

I put three or four healthy shakes of cinnamon in my coffee every morning.  Need that, too.

I only use a pinch or two of turkish ground sumac berries when I make fattoush.  But when I mentioned to the waiter at one of our favorite Middle Eastern restaurants that I use it in my salad, too, he gasped.  “Where did you get it?,” he demanded.  I told him about the spice store I use.

“It’s fake,” he said.  And then he told me about the stash his family has at the restaurant – brought it with them from Northern Iraq.

Okay then.  His family could save themselves A LOT of money when their stash runs out by driving 20 miles to my spice store, but I wasn’t going to be the one to tell him it’s not fake.  Nope.

I use my kitchen scale every day, at least twice a day – to weigh out breakfast and dinner portions for my friends and to weigh ingredients for my baked goods.  Would seriously miss that.

My coffee grinder and my coffee pot get a daily workout.  Have even been known to take them camping.

Oh, and my refrigerator.  ‘Cuz what’s coffee without fresh cream?

Say What You Will

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