Summer See Food

My favorite things about summer are my garden, my grill and the food they produce. As you can see from this post I made last summer…

Hey, if WordPress can recycle prompts, I can recycle posts.

Light & life

These photos are for you, iChristian.

This is my cherry salsa:



I serve it with grilled pork tenderloin:



Okay, so I served it on a Chinet, it was still really good.  One of my favorite summer dishes.

One morning, not too long ago, I had fruit tossed with a bit of citrus sugar and limoncello for breakfast:



Topped with some fresh whipped cream:


Not exactly a baptist breakfast but, hey.  Limoncello is really, really good on fruit.

This avocado salad is the perfect lunch after a workout:


Again with the Chinet, but who wants to do dishes in the summer, after a workout?

Sometimes the hub and I have a healthy, colorful fruit salad for dinner:


Or sautéed veggies from the garden:


Served with chicken kabobs:


See how I used garlic scapes as skewers?  I’m pretty brilliant that way.

For dessert, brownies made with chocolate olive oil…

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