Family Room

A fireplace fills one wall saying, “Come. Sit. It’s safe in here.  Relax and tell me who you are. Or say nothing and just stare at my flames, watch me dance and be warmed.  No pressure here. Stay until the embers lose their glow. Sleep.”

The mantel is sparse.  It rats out a mom who removed its pictures to fill it with Christmas greenery and then never put the pictures back.  Casual? Too casual? Lazy?  Or maybe she no longer notices such things.

The walls are a soft, subtle Silver Sage.  Almost the entire interior of the house is covered in Restoration Hardware paint.  Silver Sage seems to be the favorite as it also appears in the master bedroom and bath.

Frederic Remington’s “The Stampede” centered atop a large square coffee table and well-matched, well-made furniture reveals just enough money and good taste.

A “friend” slumbering on one of the sofas and another “friend” snoozing on the floor reveals a love of dogs.  Their gentle breathing gives the room a feeling of peace and calm.  All is well.

The large, open door wall lets in light, a mural of trees and the sounds of birds chirping and lawn mowers rumbling in the distance.  The chimes of nearby St. Mary’s waft in on the hour.

A large entertainment center, custom made by the hub, back when he used to make furniture, fills one corner but is completely ignored during the day.

The sheet and pillow on one sofa and the crutch tucked next to it indicate a temporary recovery room.  The confines of a writer with a broken foot.

The vibe of the room is warm, welcoming, pleasant, peaceful and a little bit messy – much like the Family that occupies it.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Clean Slate.”

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