Bride of Christ

He says I have to swallow my pride. Rise above it, actually.

He says I have to cut others the same slack I cut myself.

He says I have to crawl up out of my head and pay attention to the people in front of me.


The air really is clearer and sweeter. Once I get up there.

I can’t tow a rope that’s slack; Leaves my arms free to embrace.

I’ll always have my thoughts, but my people will grow up, grow old, grow sick…

His quirky love is saving me.

And I love Him.

This post was inspired by granonine.




One thought on “Bride of Christ

  1. Amen! But oh how it is difficult to love others when they are mistreating us.
    I recently started blogging and want to invite you to check out my blogs and if interested please follow me back. I belief that it’s important to support each other on this site because we are all trying to build up the Kingdom for Him. It’s tough getting started on here πŸ™†πŸΌπŸ€” Keep up the great work for Him! 🎈

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