Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful…

… Hate me because I can write.

Except, I won’t know it’s because I can write.

I’ll think it’s because I can’t write.

I’m lame.

I’m a blogging fraud.

But then I’ll read a post that’s really lame.

And I’ll scratch my head at all of its “likes.”

Pity likes?

I’ll scratch my head again.

Maybe it’s not about perfectly crafted, perfectly clever phrases. Maybe it’s about heart. Maybe it’s about getting off one’s high horse and walking with the people.

Maybe it’s about being creme brulee when people “like” jello.

And as Julia Roberts’ character said in My Best Friend’s Wedding, “Creme brulee can NEVER be jello.”

Smooth, rich, satiny creme brulee can never be gelatinous flavored sugar water.

So don’t even try. Don’t even compromise.

‘Cuz creme brello is gross.

And speaking of blogging, you post something brilliant, sit back, smile and wait for the like star to light up.




You post something lame. You sit back and question whether you should have posted it.

You’re about to trash it.

And then the star lights up.

It starts flashing with like after like.

And there are comments.

So you don’t trash it.

You just scratch your head at the unpredictability of blogging.






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