An Unfortunate Alliteration

Manic Monday, no offense to the Bangles, or should I say to Prince, is a rather unfortunate alliteration.

Because my Mondays are never frenetically busy.

Moaning Monday is more like it ‘cuz I’ve done some moaning on many a Monday Moanin’, when my peaceful slumber is abruptly disturbed by the nag, nag, nagging of an alarm clock yelling GET TO WORK!

And I don’t want to.

Nope, it’s never a manic Monday for me.

My week doesn’t even begin to get revved up until Tuesday Afternoon.



3 thoughts on “An Unfortunate Alliteration

  1. I love your take on this! Nicely done! And I love that song. My friend got concert tickets and took me to see Moody blues at the Universal Amphitheater in Los Angeles. I was 19- they toured in August 1990. I knew them, but didn’t and I had such a great time! Such a good concert!

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  2. The music and lyrics of the Moody Blues, bring back so many memories of my younger years and as they provided nourishment for my soul, I remember smoking a lot of weed and spacing out to Tuesday Afternoon.


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